Media Kit 2021 – 2022 is quickly becoming the leader for innovative marketing and advertising around the globe. As you probably know, innovative marketing such as virtual and augmented reality has made advertising in local print media a waste of your money. Of course, the print media doesn’t want you to know the facts. They keep showing you yesterday’s statistics. If you knew the truth, you’d never spend another cent advertising with any form of print media and or limit your spending budget for sponsored ads online.

According to independent market research firms BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, nearly all 97% of consumers 97% search online for products and services in their local area. Yes, 97% of people search online! “The Internet has indeed become an integral part of consumers’ local commercial activity,” says Steve Marshall, Director of Research at BIA/Kelsey. “The data suggest we’re at an inflection point where the balance of power in local shopping is shifting to online.” You also have to understand the psychology of advertising and the human mind.

Even if you spend thousands of dollars to create the best website for your business, and thousands more for SEO to optimize and promote your site, consumers don’t care if you call yourself the best and give yourself awards. Anyone can call themselves the best. It’s like every actor or actress giving themselves an Oscar! Being the best should never be based solely on reviews. Reviews can be fake and unreliable. How do you know who is writing the reviews, and what their motivations are? The most intelligent way to find out who is the best is to do comprehensive research, while ignoring the reviews. Our Research Team at International Top 25 sorts through a list of qualified nominees each year.

We research businesses and pick the most exceptional choices that meet our 7 proficiencies. Check out our website at At International Top 25, we’re always here for you. We know the ins and outs of Internet marketing and advertising in today’s competitive online world. We understand that timing is of the essence, and that in this era of instant gratification, those who snooze are those who lose. Let International Top 25 provide you with total peace of mind. Sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of everything we do for you and your business. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed abundantly, because your success is also our success!

How many times have you walked into a restaurant with a big sign outside that says “Voted the Best…” but the food and service was the worst? How many banners have you seen that say they are the best of something? There are so many “best” in your city, however, there is only one International Top 25 that allows only 25 businesses to be the exclusive TOP business in your city featured for a 12 month period.

At International Top 25, we pick the TOP 25 related businesses based on research, not just reviews. We have a highly-talented team that researches each business. If you received this media kit from us, that means you are one of the TOP 25 selected businesses. Besides standing out of the crowd and being part of the exclusive TOP 25 businesses in your city, International Top 25’s prestigious program allows you to have many unique marketing options to introduce your business to customers in an innovative way.

Consumers always want to know what are the “TOP” things to do in your city, why not make it easy for them to choose and direct them where you feel is the “Top Must Do” during their vacation through International Top 25.

International Top 25 may be used by your business in the following ways, for example you can select your own Las Vegas “Top 25” services or businesses within yours to direct customers where you need them the most.


Ex: Place the Las Vegas Top 25 logo next to your “TOP 5” Services recommended by Las Vegas Top 25.

Top Deal:

Ex: Place the Las Vegas Top 25 logo next to your “Top Deal”.

International Top 25 Certification & US Top 25 Accreditation:

When you are satisfied that your organization is working within the guidelines of the Quality Management System, it is time to call in an International Top 25 Certification Body.
The interview can be conducted by a number of different Certification Bodies, however it is important to note that not all International Top 25 interviewing organizations are US Top 25 Accredited.

Continual Assessment:

Achieving Certification to International Top 25 is the first step of a process of continual improvement that will provide your organization with the necessary management tools to improve working practices throughout the entire organization.

Certification Interview:

When you are satisfied that your required qualifications and processes are in place, you are then ready for your first interview. The interviewer will review your documentation and make sure that procedures are being followed throughout the organization during your interview. If there are any areas that need to be rectified, these will have to be done before your International Top 25 certificate is issued.

Who approves the International Top 25 businesses?
The technical committee is a team of certified global professionals that have set standards based on best practices that encompass all businesses. The Top 25 Advisory Board consists of industry specific professionals who determine qualifications based on each category. All business positions in various categories with International Top 25 are equal. The 1st position is an approved Top 25 business that is annually selected as a “ #1 Top Favorite,” by the International Top 25 Board of Directors.

International Top 25 selects the Top 25 businesses from various categories based on the proficiency in these key areas:

1- Quality of Product or Service

2- Customer Service

3- Employee Satisfaction

4- Continual Improvement

5- Conditions of Facilities

6- Community Outreach

7- Industry Value Added

Evidence of exemplary standards in each of the categories is required. Evidence can be provided in the form of video, periodicals, testimonials, surveys and other documents.

Q-How does International Top 25 select businesses?

A- International Top 25 responds to application requests from, as well as has a reputable research team that go out to secret shop at least three times over the coarse of a year and then through an interview process.

Q- Who determines what business’ position is on the list?

A- All positions are equal. The #1 position, “#1 Top Favorite” is chosen by the International Top 25 Board of Directors.

Q- Can anyone be on the “TOP 25 Loyalty Card”?

A- No, only Top 25 business can be in this program.

Q- Who determines what business is considered a “#1 Top Favorite”?

A- Las Vegas Top 25 Board of Directors and Research Team decides who will be selected based on

the company standards.

Q- Can I be selected every year or be on a waiting list?

A- You may apply every year to be nominated. If the “Top 25” have been selected for that year, you will be placed on a waiting list and be notified when a position is available if you qualify. If a position is available you will then need to continue with the interviewing process.

Q- How can I be a Top 25 business?

A- By visiting and selecting the “Become a Top 25” tab, you may apply for a position within the Top 25 on our site. If you are selected and qualify, a representative will contact you within 14 business days.

Q- Can I use the International Top 25 logo?

A- The International Top 25 logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone outside of International Top 25. If you wish to use a logo to demonstrate certification, contact the certification body that issued the certificate.